Forgiveness: Healing Unsaved Hurt

Matthew 18:21-35 - The Starting Point

Main Idea - When a person truly grasps being forgiven by God, it compels to freely forgive other people.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is forgiveness against our nature as people?

2. Does forgiveness have a limit in Christ? Why?

3. According to Chuck Swindoll, you can know you are grace-driven when it feels like people are taking advantage of your grace. Do you agree with this? Does grace have to be free and undeserved?

4. What does Jesus mean by saying Peter must forgive his brother or sister "seventy times seven" in verse 22?

5. Do you see the blindness in your own heart that was in the heart of the unforgiving servant in the parable? (vv. 23-35) As Pastor Jim said, "Can't we or won't we forgive?

6. Why do we need forgiveness?

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